Together we can achieve progress in education

Part of PIE’s overall mission is to improve access to experiential learning for High School students in underserved communities in Ghana by providing them with resources and experiences they would otherwise not have. We do this by focusing on specific areas:

  • Resourcing Underserved High Schools
    • We provide computer systems, printers, science lab equipment, and other teaching resources to schools in Ghana.
  • Cultural Exchange Program
    • We promote cross-cultural understanding and learning by sponsoring international exchange programs between students and teachers from Ghana and the United States.
  • Infrastructure Projects
    • By collaborating with US-based alumni associations we raise funds and facilitate the implementation of infrastructure or development projects at Ghanaian high schools.
  • Partnerships with Local Education Focused Organizations
    • By collaborating with like-minded organizations in Ghana, we are able to support work that aligns with PIEs mission and to do even more to further our mission. Our recent partnership with the Ghana Code Club on their Code on Wheels Program is just one example of such partnerships.