PIE is led by a board of directors in the United States which develops strategies, sets goals, reviews and manages finances, and ensures that the organization remains in good standing in accomplishing its goals.

The board of directors is assisted in the implementation of our mission by an executive team and advisory board members located in the cities where we operate. PIE also has a team of volunteers in Ghana who oversees our charitable work there.

As a philanthropic organization, our charity feels that it’s important to demonstrate our core values in everything we do. Our five core values have been PIE’s motivation to help improve educational quality for the students and communities we serve:

  • Excellence: Donating equipment, other resources, and services that add value.
  • Integrity: Living up to our promises, commitments, and responsibilities.
  • Respect: Working to understand and accommodate the needs of our beneficiaries, sponsors, and other partners.
  • Teamwork: Working together to achieve our shared goals.
  • Ownership: Assuming personal responsibility to achieve PIE’s mission, and to ensure the satisfaction of our beneficiaries, partners, and sponsors.